A Long Way From Home, by MLN Copyright 2017.

The air was hot & humid – sticky like molasses, & had a cloying sickly sweet smell.

I remember the mosquitoes were every-damn-where, biting the fucking hell out me.

The sound of blasters & heavy artillery was off in the distance. I felt the ground beneath my ship roll & it felt like an earthquake. I broke out into a cold sweat, & started to feel the beginnings of panic.

I felt as if I was on the ocean somewhere in the tropics, lost & adrift…..

I woke drenched in cold sweat, waking from these dreams was always difficult, well I use the term ‘dream’ rather loosely, they were more like nightmares.


Tsah Li, would have to keep an eye on the Nav-Com, she really didn’t want to have an insane AI, running about loose in this Multiverse.

A few generations ago, this is precisely what had happened, & those AI who’d lost their minds, committed acts of mass atrocities  – trying to genocide the Human Species, before they were hunted down, & destroyed.

No, best to not let the Nav-Com lose itself in it’s newly formed emotional capabilities.

“Nav?” She said casual-like, while sipping on her Choco-Caf, & flicking through the Holo-Nets.

“Yes, Captain?” The Nav-Com AI replied, sounding slightly like a petulant adolescent – a slight sneer in it’s voice.

At the tone in her ship’s computer, Li, arched an eyebrow, & wondered yet again why she installed the personality/empathy subroutine?
Oh yeah, because space is big, & she’s lonely, but not lonely enough to have another human aboard her ship.

“Nav, could you please, send a coded message to Captain Nebula Stargazer of the ship the Dragon’s Claw? Thanks.”

“Sure thing Captain Tsah!” Said the Nav-Com AI, sounding rather perky.

Once again Li raised an eyebrow, looking sideways at the ship’s main computer console, mentally noting to contact the manufacturer of the personality/empathic program about her Nav-Com AI’s mental health.



A Long Way From Home, Part 9. By, MLN©2015.

Vast. The unfathomable distances between galaxies, stars, planets, & consciousness found on those planets, moons, planetoids & asteroids. Vast, doesn’t seem a big enough word to convey such an expanse of distances.

For, this very fact, most of the non-technologically advanced people, on the most backward planets, believed that space travel was utterly impossible! This quaint notion, was what most of the Human inhabitants of Old Earth, had thought, as well.

That is, until, they were quite literally forced to leave their planet. The scientists & engineers, had to begin thinking out of the box – to begin thinking & building & designing in more dimensions than just three; & if they hadn’t realized that one doesn’t move through space, but, rather that one moves space itself, the Human Species, would’ve become extinct, during what was to become known as The Great Sixth Extinction – where roughly 95% of Old Earth’s population, perished.

This was also the period of Time, in which the humans gained knowledge of The Force.

On an ordinary day, ordinary people – regardless of ethnicity, gender, age ect. – woke to find that they all had the ability to hear one anothers’ thoughts, & more, that they could empathically Feel what each other were feeling at any given moment.

Well, one can just imagine what followed!

Whole masses of humans, murdered – regardless of ethnicity, gender, age ect.


hearts collapsing.

UP!::urban po'E.Tree(s)

hearts collapsing.

reach for your gods.
reach for your guns.
reach for your drugs.
well instead,
reach for your daughters,
your sons;
teach them to be stars-
brighter than the sun.

like empires crumbling
or stars colliding,
fall prey to the state,
but i’m not abiding.
and what is it really
the powers that be
are providing?
and if we’re all so free,
why are we constantly
deciding to allow for
power to reside,
be controlled
by a few?
i’m asking you. i’m asking you.
oh say, can you see?
that nothing is true?
in a world
where everyone lies
to themselves and each other.

and our feelings are worn
on our sleeves
when words are bonds to believe,
but these men in suits with guns,
they tend to deceive.
and well this is our one life to live-
beyond what our two eyes perceive,
the universe is constantly

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A Long Way From Home, ch. 8. By, MLN©2015.

“Sorry, to have to interrupt this trip down memory lane, Zev; but, to what, do I owe this immense pleasure of your call today?” Before he could get a word in edgewise, Li continued.

“I, mean, you, contacting me today, on this day of days, when, I’ve just barely escaped being incinerated, by the planet Dågomir, which, by the fracking way, was quite deliberately blown up today, whilst, I, was planet-side chasing a Damned. Sweet. Bounty!”

At this point, Li, paused & took a breath.

And, a traitorous, murdering sonovabitch! But, this last bit, she kept to herself. For, it, truly behooved her, to have such uncharitable thoughts about one of her oldest & dearest friends.


A Long Way From Home, chapter 7. By, MLN©2015.

As, her old friend prattled on about how they – senior cadets – used to prank the incoming cadets – Ah, the good old days of The Empire & the Imperial Academy.

Li, on the other hand, was busy trying to formulate a tactful way to ask her friend, just what the frack was up, with him contacting her today, on this particular day of days – I mean, wasn’t it just a wee bit too coincidental?

And, Li, absolutely, did Not believe in coincidence. Nope, not at all. She, was, at the moment, short on temper, & all fresh out of Tact.